A Salford-born musician used his love of music to help him grieve his father by writing an award-winning album.

After the death of his dad, Dominic Carlton Jones’ family asked him to pay tribute at his dad’s funeral to keep his memory alive.

Dominic found it a big shock but wanted to do it.

He said: “I had found something to focus on in the weeks building up the funeral.”

“Music was such a great thing for helping me to go through grief.”

His love of creating music did not stop there. Dominic then went on to produce his own album, Salford Punk Poetry Sadness Death New Life.

Dominic spoke about how he used his own experiences for the album: “When my dad died of bowel cancer that became the subject altogether.

“I started to explore beliefs that I had about the subject of life and death such as the afterlife.”

Dominic then found out his album was shortlisted for a Salford Star award, he spoke about how he felt: “I was thrilled, i was absolutely gobsmacked and I just cried.”

The editor of the Salford Star attended one of Dominic’s gigs to present him with the Best Act 2018 Award.

Dominic’s mother was also attending the gig and saw her son collect the award: “She was very proud of me and she told me that I had helped to keep the memory of my dad alive for her.”

Dominic performing. Photography by Neil Winward

Whilst creating and performing Dominic runs some community groups for people with autism. The group allows people with autism to experience and learn how to perform music.

Dominic’s next gig is at Cuckoo Bar on Bury New Road on 26th June after 8pm.

You can also give his album a listen on Spotify here.

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