Greater Manchester Police have opened an investigation into an anti-Tory banner hung on a Salford bridge.

The banner read “130,000 killed under Tory rule, time to level the playing field.”

The mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, has condemned the banner hung on a Salford Bridge.

The tweet originated on the official twitter account of left-wing organisation Momentum.

The original tweet

The banner drew attention when Conservative Councillor Kerry Boyd came across the banner when going for a run.

The police then confirmed, via twitter, that the banner had been removed and an investigation into it’s origins had been opened.

The group ‘Led by Donkeys’, known for putting up tweets of ‘Vote leave’ campaigners as billboards, did so with the words of the vote leave strategist Dominic Cummings on a billboard in Chapel Street.

The sign displays a statement that Cummings allegedly made about Conservative’s opinions on the NHS.

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