Conversation Series II Other Transmissions John Powell-Jones

A touring art exhibition has arrived at The University of Salford, exploring artist self-reflection by artists with and without learning disabilities. 

‘Conversations Series II: Other Transmissions’ is an exhibition led by Venture Arts, a charity who work with learning disabled artists.

For this exhibition, the charity brought together six artists with and without learning disabilities, working equally together, experimentally and in collaboration.

James Desser
Sculptures by James Desser. Photo credit: Rebecca Schott

Amanda Sutton from Venture Arts spoke about the exhibition.

She said:

“The project wanted to develop dialogue and collaboration between artists with and without learning disabilities working as equals around a common theme.

Conversation Series II Other Transmissions James Desser
James Desser. Other Transmissions. Photo credit: Rebecca Schott

“The artwork made has developed from conversations around labeling, categorisation, the power dynamics of the art world and the meaning of collaboration.”

Conversation Series II Other Transmissions Venture Arts
Photo credit: Rebecca Schott

Venture Arts worked closely with the University of Salford for this collection.

Six third year graphic design students shadowed the project and created their own responses to the art.

Conversation Series II Other Transmissions Andrew Johnstone Venture Arts
Art by Andrew Johnstone. Picture Credit: Rebecca Schott

The work is on display at the New Adelphi building at the Peel Campus.

Ms Sutton said: “It’s a brilliant, bright space with big audiences so we are completely delighted to see the exhibition installed there before it moves to The Whitworth in February.

“Salford is fast becoming an artistic hotspot!”

Venture Arts have previously worked in Salford at the Lowry during the SICK Festival.

John Powell-Jones’ work was also on display at the university.

He said: “The works on display evolved from discussions around labeling within the art world, although this is a very complex subject matter hopefully the presence of the work along with the information about the project will spur some of the students to seek out further documentation and ask questions about the topic.”

John Powell-Jones Other Transmissions
Artwork by John Powell-Jones | Photo credit: Rebecca Schott

Mr Powell-Jones is an artist based at Islington Mill Studios in Salford.

The Conversation Series II: Other Transmissions exhibition finishes its tour at the New Adelphi Building, University of Salford and is on display until 31 October.

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