The Salford Art Club are currently holding an exhibition at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery, scheduled to run until December 3.

The club run an exhibition annually, hoping to provide a platform for emerging or pre-existing talent. The artwork is also on sale, and available to purchase at the gallery.

Started in 1947, past members include L.S. Lowry and Vera Lowe. The Salford Art Club welcomes all artists, from beginners to the more accomplished. They meet at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery every Wednesday.

The meetings aim to give an opportunity to try new things within art. They provide an environment to draw and paint as a collective, with workshops, demonstrations and talks also staged.

The exhibit itself covers a variety of different themes, from industry to nature, and each work is personal and reflective of each artist. The artwork also uses a variety of different techniques, from acrylic to etching.

Phillip Westcott, who lives in Eccles, runs the website and the Facebook page for the Salford Art Club, and has also painted four pieces for the exhibition this year. Salford has been a big inspiration for his works, and he has been at the club for five years.

Wide Stream by Phillip Westcott- Photo taken by Fraser Shankly

“The club offers demonstrations and is a great place to learn new techniques. We cater for all skill sets; we have artists who are more experienced and those who are new to it.

“Art is a great way to socialise. Making art can sometimes be a bit isolated, just doing it by yourself, and the group offers a chance to meet other artists and develop.

“Everybody helps each other out in any way we can, and its also a great place for a cup of coffee and a chat. We are very much a community.” says Westcott.

The exhibition runs until December 3, at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. If you want to join the Salford Art Club, they meet on Wednesdays at 5.45pm until 7.45pm, also at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Application forms are on their website.

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