Salford Foodbank is at risk of having all four of its centres closed after failing to secure vital funding to meet the increased demand.

The foodbank has handed out 5,741 food parcels to Salford residents suffering from food poverty in the last year, 24% more than the year before.

This increase in demand created a problem when in April they failed to insure the funding they needed to keep it running.

Salford Foodbank refused to comment on the situation, however members of the public gave their opinions.

Giannis Vasilis said: “It’s very bad because people can’t afford to buy food, but food is something essential in life.”

Somebody else said: “I think it will impact working families who are not in a position or don’t feel like they want to be claiming benefits. It’s those families that will end up suffering more.”

Since its first centre was opened in 2012, Salford Foodbank has helped over 20,000 people by giving out around 35 tons of donated food annually.

It is run by two part-time staff members and 70 volunteers, however staff salaries and rent costs have become too much for the charity to handle with its current funding.

The main foodbank centre, which is currently based at Christ Central, Mocha Parade in Lower Broughton, is also in need of new premises with a low rent cost due to redevelopment.

This will need to be found by early 2020 if the centre is to remain open.

The other centres facing closure are The Sanctuary in Salford Quays, Eccles Foodbank based at Connect Church off Chadwick Road, and Swinton Foodbank based at the Salvation Army.

A meeting being held at 5.30 tonight at Go Church, Dallas Court in Salford Quays will discuss potential ideas to insure funding and possible new premises for the foodbank.

Anyone who has skills, ideas or an interest in finding a solution is invited to attend.

People who are unable to attend the meeting but want to offer help can visit the Salford Foodbank website for more information.

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