The controversial Prime Minister is currently live in Media City UK, answering questions for the BBC. You can find the interview at BBC News, as he answers calls from across the UK. This follows from his interview this morning on BBC Breakfast.

During the election, BBC News will be asking the candidates questions in part of its 5Live special programme.

Some tweets suggest that Boris Johnson has been given the short end of the stick, and that he isn’t being given a chance to answer his questions in full.

Piers Morgan has also tweeted his opinions on the interviews.

The current Prime Minister has been under speculation through recent months, due to his promise to leave the EU on the 31st of October, and failing to keep this promise. Mr Johnson decided to call a general election when his deal was shot down by Parliament.

Before the General Election, there will be a live debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, which caused controversy for the current Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson.

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