Balancing spoken word and comedy, multi-award winning performer Bróccán Tyzack-Carlin returns to Salford this weekend with his latest show ‘Don’t Bother’ to The King’s Arms.

Initially starting out writing poems for his own amusement, Bróccán took to the open mic circuit and began to combine stand-up material and spoken word, creating an infusion of the weird and wonderful to entertain audiences.

“I hadn’t considered the scope of what could be done with the format performance wise until I was dropped into that scene,” he said.

“My poems are pretty much based on any nonsense that comes to the old brain,” tells Tyzack-Carlin. “Even though it’s not traditional observational comedy, I’d say that a lot of it is based on observations I’ve made and then pushed to the extreme to be as surreal and bizarre as can be justified.”

Image Credit: Bróccán Tyzack-Carlin                                                                         

With topics ranging from Peter Rabbit to the Spice Girls and love affairs with Meghan Markle, Tyzack-Carlin offers a wide variety of material, with inspiration being taken from the likes of American comedian Bo Burnham and English poet Tim Key.

But he said: “Stewart Lee has been the biggest influence. There aren’t many people who play around with form and emotional perforation in the way he does and that’s something that’s definitely something which has inspired some of the stranger, longer routines within my show.”

And after two previous performances in Salford, it’s obvious that Bróccán is excited to return.

He said: “The audiences in Salford are always great; there’s such a great mix of local comedy fans and students…I always have a brilliant time.”

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