A new series of workshops for Jewish women who have experienced stillbirth will be launching in the new year at the Broughton Hub. The sessions hope to improve pregnancy research in Greater Manchester.

The workshops are part of a series called Still Life involving Tommy’s Organisation, Wellcome Trust and the University of Manchester – supported by researchers and health professionals from the Manchester Foundation Trust and the maternal and fetal health research portfolio based in St. Mary’s hospital.

Midwife Suzanne Thomas said, “It’s one of the things that can really drive change in this area and improve care, women have so much to say about their experiences which are massively important.”

Leaflets and information available at the Broughton Hub

The sessions are confidential and culturally appropriate, providing a safe space for discussions which can help improve the future of pregnancy research in Greater Manchester.

Those who attend the workshops will be encouraged to take part in art activities.

Suzanne continued, “What we usually find is whilst were all working to create art based on our experiences around stillbirth, conversation starts to flow naturally.

“It’s about helping each other, but also as researchers helping others to make sure we can try and reduce the incidents of stillbirth.”



A pilot group of workshops ran earlier this year, which gained a positive response.

“This series of workshops are aimed at Jewish women.

“The series is part of a larger public programme project; we have already done a series of workshops for the non-Jewish community.

“It is something we will continue to develop.”

To find out more, or to get involved, please contact:


0161 276 8943


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