Yesterday marked International volunteers day, a time where we appreciate those who give their time, often for free, to help others.

Salford is home to 1,500 Voluntary, Community and Social organisations that heavily rely on volunteers to work for them. These organisations support a variety of causes and have had a huge impact on the Salford community.

Salford Pride, is Salford’s premier LGBT+ organisation which holds both fundraising and educational events for the LGBT+ community.

The organisation started life as The Pink Picnic in 2011, organizing the Salford Pride celebration of the same name.

Salford Pride continue to organize The Pink Picnic however changed their name in 2018 to Salford Pride.

Graham Rimmer – Salford Pride volunteer and Marketing Manager

Graham Rimmer, volunteer and marketing manager for Salford Pride said: “Salford Pride is completely volunteer led, everyone who volunteers gives their time for free.”

The work of volunteers is essential not only to Salford pride but the LGBT+ community, Mr Rimmer continued:  “There’s the educational element, campaigning and providing extended support, working with other organisations to provide this support.”

Salford Pride recently announced their partnership with Youth Stop Aids Manchester, in hopes to tackle the stigma around the disease and challenge the government to make treatment for Aids cheaper and more accessible to those that suffer with the disease.

The organisation is always looking for people to get involved, if you would like to volunteer you can contact them via social media or through their website.





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