Salford residents have been angered by the news that a 24-bed rehabilitation centre will be opening in their family run community.

Cygnet Health Care hope to have their high dependency inpatient rehabilitation facility in salford open by the end of December.

The centre will be home to women who have had a primary diagnosis of mental illness for example, alcohol and drug abuse, and some may have a complex secondary diagnosis for example, a learning disability.

Cygnet Lodge Salford is situated on Radcliffe Park Crescent, within walking distance to local shops and amenities such as restaurants, libraries, colleges and numerous other community areas.

This allows the women to be eased back into a neighbourhood lifestyle while having the protection of the centre.

However, residents are worried the centre will have a disturbing impact on their quiet residential community.

Residents who live nearby to the soon-to-be-opened facility have expressed their unhappiness over the change to their local area, with some saying they are concerned about the safety of the neighbourhood once the centre’s doors have opened.

One lady, whose home is on the same road as the facility, said “people with mental illness need a specific place, but it isn’t here.”

Another resident sceptical of the company said, “If somebody is detained under the mental health act, how is that minimal risk [to the area]?”.

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One gentleman believes that only the patients who will inhabit the centre have been taken into consideration, and there has been little regard shown for the community they are disrupting.

The lodge’s location is within close proximity of some primary schools.

Parents from St Luke’s R.C and St John’s C of E stressed the importance of children feeling safe, and that their neighbourhood should be somewhere for children to grow up and play rather than be a prime location for a rehabilitation centre.

One parent said that she doesn’t trust Cygnet Health and worries how their facility will impact her two young children.

Another said, “I’m quite annoyed really, it’s all been done by the back door.”

More than 33 objections were sent into the local council as residents attempted to prevent the rehabilitation centre opening and any more work being done on the building.

Some argued that Cygnet didn’t have the correct permission to make any changes to the facility, but their claims were rejected.

One man questioned the professional conduct of Cygnet Health after watching a BBC panorama documentary on the company, and claims “the facility is not wanted” in the area.

Cygnet Health have responded by saying “Maintaining good relationships locally is a priority and we are committed to working as a part of the community.

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We have met with our neighbors and remain open to answer any queries they may have.”

The health company has over 30 years of experience and are committed to helping people with mental health challenges, and the Salford Lodge is “intended to provide a safe setting for women who need support to overcome mental health challenges.

The service will provide community-based care in a safe, comfortable environment that promotes wellness and recovery.” Cygnet’s end goal is to help the women under their care reimburse themselves into a local community while living a healthy and fulfilling life.

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