A new app allegedly shows that NHS services in Salford could suffer up to £208,000,000 of under-funding by 2023 due to budgets planned by the Government and local Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The app published by organisation Keep Our NHS Public calculates the potential cuts by comparing Clinical Commissioning Group reports from 2015, to the current CCG climate and compares the data to the 2023/4 CCG budget to create localised stats.

Clinical commissioning groups are NHS organisations set up by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to organise the delivery of NHS services in England.

The under-funding in Salford would be equivalent to these costs:




The Organisation have stated: “We do not hold allegiance to a particular party but we are opposed to the current conservative government’s NHS policies and handling.”

You can check the possible cuts to your area with your postcode here:

Dr Tony O’Sullivan, The co chairman of Keep Our NHS Public said:

“Outlandish started developing the app in 2017 and recently updated it to highlight the under-funding of the NHS and we were very pleased to host it as we’re the longest national running campaign for trying to keep the NHS public for the future and to highlight under-funding throughout the UK.”

Their organisation does a lot of work in regards of raising awareness of the inner workings of the NHS to the public.

“Keep Our NHS public was set up in 2005 where we were opposed to privatised initiatives so,  ‘Keep our NHS public’ is constantly fighting for publicised health services”.

Tony explained why this will impact smaller cities such as Salford.

“In terms of impact, there’s a huge amount of deprivation in Salford it has the most deprived post codes in the country along with Liverpool and parts of London. The medical need per person is therefore much higher than affluent areas, you have a higher level of poverty and a higher impact on life expectancy, a lower life expectancy and that reflects people are iller earlier in their life and longer and need the NHS longer to help them. it’s a massive impact on health equality.”

The stats could potentially be updated in 2020.

We contacted the relative local CCG’s and Conservative party and are awaiting a response

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