Cheerleading company, Firestorm, says cheering encourages young people to feel more confident whilst shaking their pom poms.

Firestorm is currently made up of ten different teams who are national-championship winners.

The company supports a range of ages, including an adults’ team, inspiring them to gain confidence by creating an essential family environment.

Nine-year-old cheerleader, Heidi, said: “It’s a team that accepts everybody and not just girls.”

Firestorm was once a small team that began in 2004, originally named Thunder Cheerleaders.

Rebranding into Firestorm, the company has built a successful pyramid of cheerers.

This year was the beginning of team Sunshine. A cheerleading team dedicated to children aged three and four.

Head coach, Sarah Aldcroft explained: “Before the competition comes into it, we get them to learn all the skills, make friends and get the confidence.

“We have our big ‘We are proud of you‘ cheer at the end. We say we are proud of you because we are proud of every age, and every ability and everyone who tries.”

Cheerleading is also an alternative to going to the gym. Aldcroft said: “It’s a great way to keep fit.”

11-year-old Molly, said “We try really hard and if we go wrong, we would still carry on and it doesn’t really matter.”

At present, the team is recruiting more cheerleaders of any ability to join the big cheer family.

Find more information on the Firestorm cheerleaders here.

Image credit: Rachael Allison

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