The Salford University Women’s Rugby team are embracing the recent national rugby boom, as their team continues their good form and growth in players.

With five wins in six games this season, including their league and cup games, the Lions have had a very strong start to their season.

They currently sit joint first in their league and their only defeat this season came at the hands of Keele University, who sit near the top end of the division.

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Beth Land, 22, is the current Salford women’s rugby team coach and was also a former player and the captain during her time at the University of Salford.

She noted the improvement of the team over the years.

“For the past two years, we’ve finished fourth,” the coach said. “It’s annoying that we started winning when I stopped playing!”

“The improvement as the years has gone on has been massive.”

Captain, Tegan Mclaughlin. (Photo credit: Nadine Rose)

Tegan Mclaughlin, 21, is the current team captain and was awarded the man of the match award after the game against Keele. She noted the team’s desire to win the league.

“We want to win the league badly! [The Keele result] is not the end. I’m still hopeful that we can win the league, but we just have to hammer everyone else.”



Coach Land noted the deterring perceptions of women’s rugby players. “There is a stigma about female rugby players that says that they have to be a big, massive person. If you look at our team, you’ll see different body types in all shapes and sizes.”

When asked about the improvement of women’s rugby nationally, Tegan said: “It’s getting there. It’s definitely getting more media attention with games being broadcast on big TV stations. It still has some way to go.”

Their next game is in the league against Chester, who are currently fifth.

With them being the University of Salford’s varsity rivals the team are determined to win the game.

Current BUCS league table for Women’s Northern Tier 3 (photo credit: BUCS League)





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