The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder as winter closes in.

This Autumn alone, temperatures in Salford have dropped as low as zero so it’s as important as ever to stay warm.

This is why Salford City Council and Salford Mayor Paul Dennett have been consistently tweeting under the hashtag ‘#WarmSalford’ over recent months. The warnings remind residents of the importance of warm meals, as well as keeping your home heated this festive season.

The council has additionally provided direct links to its sites that advise on how to keep your house to a habitable temperature whilst remaining energy efficient and not let the bills skyrocket with Salford Foundation Smart Meter project.

The foundation not only is attempting to battle fuel poverty but also reduce energy consumption in Salford homes.

They have advised to keep house central heating temperatures to at least 18c as well as wrapping up.

Free home visits are also available in the city with Helping Hands, a Salford based minor repair service that will come to residents homes for free home visits, and will provide tips on how to heat your home in the most cost effective way. However, please remember that anyone who carries out any repairs on a boiler MUST be a gas safety checked engineer.

The council has issued multiple tweets also on the importance of checking up on neighbors, or any elderly individuals who live on their own who may not be keeping themselves warm enough to maintain a healthy winter.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the winter deaths in the North West from 2017-2018 was the largest recorded in the past 43 years, many of which presume is down to the winter conditions. The number will only continue to rise if individuals are not taking the correct precautions this winter. It has been also reported that the UK has the sixth highest rate of deaths in winter in the whole of Europe.

If you use any medication, it is also important to note that you are consistently stocked up, as when dangerous weather occurs it can often stop residents from being able to get to chemists and back. Alternatively, if your fellow Salfordians are struggling with public transport and you have access to a car- please offer to help out!

There are also multiple taxi ranks in Salford available to the public if trains or buses are cancelled. Another alternative is the Uber app that is available for all smartphones.

Spread awareness this Winter with #WarmSalford.

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