“Tis the season to be jolly”… One of our favourite holidays are approaching and the people of Salford are looking forward to a whole bunch of Christmas traditions.


Christmas tree Image credit: Beckie Bold

Many shops are taking part in the Christmas spirit including Spar on Seaford Road who have a decorated Christmas tree in store.

The fish shop, The Greek Fish Man (on the same road), is also celebrating the season with Christmas decorations covering their windows and Christmas lights flashing outside. You can see this in the video below.

Some Salfordians have expressed what they are looking forward to most about the holiday, warming into the Christmas spirit.

Samuel Teale, Salford student, said: “Traditionally, my favourite thing about Christmas has always been going to my grandparents farm, spending time with family and presents.On top of that, it is lambing season, it’s always been a wholesome time.

“However, over the past couple of years, I think my focus at this time of year is seeing all my friends that have moved for university and work. So I enjoy going to the pub with them and that sort of thing.”

The Buggy Movers, a running group from Salford, said: “The kids excitement for Christmas day and counting down the days!” is their favourite part of the holiday.

You can listen here to find out more about what Salford’s people are getting the most excited for this Christmas.

Overall, the Christmas spirit is high in Salford and the variation of people are looking forward to the season. However, Christmas can be an understandably difficult time for many. If you find yourself struggling over Christmas, you can click here for some tips,

There are many Christmas events happening this year in Salford that you can head down to and get involved in. Some of these include Santa’s grotto, MediaCityUK Christmas Markets and The Grinch at The Lowry. Click here to find out more.


Image credits: Beckie Bold

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