A renowned science historian from Swinton has given his 50th Christmas lecture to the Salford Astronomical Society in Monton last night.

Dr Allan Chapman is the honourary president of the Salford Astronomical Society and delivered a lecture about the life of 19th century Irish astronomer, Sir Robert Stawell Ball.

In Monton Methodist Church, Dr Chapman detailed the life of Sir Robert Ball who founded Screw Theory.

Dr Chapman grew up in Pendlebury but has lived in Oxford for 47 years.

He said: “I have never, ever, ever lost contact with the area through the Salford [Astronomical] Society, my church in Pendlebury and lots of friends all over. I have never, ever lost contact and never plan on doing so.”

The historian, who is about to publish his 14th book, was gifted an engraved fountain pen by the society on this, his 50th lecture to the group.

Dr Allan Chapman with members of the Salford Astronomical Society | Photo credit: Rebecca Schott

Gary Yule is the current chairman of the society.

He said: “Allan has obviously been giving our annual Christmas lecture for the last 50 years and it’s a great honour to have a man of Allan’s stature to talk for us. It’s a great outlet for people to find more knowledge.”

He believes societies like his own are vital to local communities to find out more about space due to the lack of astronomy in the national curriculum.

Salford Astronomical Society | Photo credit: Rebecca Schott

The members of the Salford Astronomical Society have a great respect for Dr Chapman.

Member Anthony O’Sullivan admires his ability to bring historic figures to life.

He said: “The giving of education to, not just the general public, but to all levels, has been his life’s work in a way and he’s enriched us all because of it.”

You can hear Mr O’Sullivan and other members Gurbir Singh and Ken Irving share their thoughts on Dr Chapman’s lecture.

More information about the Salford Astronomical Society can be found on their website and social media platforms.

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