Salford votes

Across the UK today the majority of our nation has turned up to their local polling station to make their mark on the future.

The pouring rain has not stopped thousands of Salfordian’s voting today, they have visited primary schools, social clubs, scout huts and leisure centres to mark a simple tick on their ballot sheet to possibly change Salford’s history.

We went out onto the streets of Salford to find out exactly what they want from the Prime Minister who is going to take us into the next decade.

What I want from my Prime Minister:

“Please look after the least fortunate members of our society.”

“Get in touch with the people and find out what the locals need.”

“Anybody who stops all this immigration coming into this country is all for me they take all the NHS of us we have no housing they take everything. It should be Britain first, your born and bred in this country you should get everything first.”

“Bring country back together, and sort out the mess the last 10 years has led.”

“Definitely the NHS, I think the NHS is very underfunded and the fact that people can’t get seen, waiting 30 weeks for life-saving operations is ridiculous because its one thing we pride ourselves on in this country. I wish the future prime minister doesn’t sell the NHS but save the NHS.”

“The NHS, the way it is at the moment is disgusting like that picture of that little boy laying on the floor, the other thing is the housing situation I’m worried about the next generation my grandkids that are growing up. I mean it’s in a state the country really.”

“Let’s get Brexit through, get rid of all this uncertainty and make Britain great again.”

“The Brexit party straight through and through get it out, whether it’s controversial I don’t care. That’s what I want.”

“Most important is improving transport infrastructure, a lot of investment has been made at the quays, but I think making it easier access to Manchester and the North West would be a really important point to improving the economic performance of Salford.”

“Whoever gets in needs to really get their knuckles down and really work out to sort out the mess this country is in.I’d like to see more housing being made available for people living on the streets and more towards social care as well.”


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