An alternative comedy show in Salford raised money for Centrepoint UK, a youth homelessness charity.

The event took place  at the Eagle Inn in Salford and raised a total of £328.50, presented by compere Sam Stroker.

All the funds went to Centrepoint UK, a charity that tackles youth homelessness.

Mari Løvik, co-event organiser, said: “It just came out in a report saying that about 22,000 young people are looking to sleep rough over Christmas.”

“We all have quite a lot that we don’t always appreciate and Christmas is a great time to try to do what we can for the people who don’t have as much as we do.”

Emma Ley, co-event organizer, said: “At this time of year, in the winter, it becomes more apparent how severe the weather is and how severe the situation is in this country with all people on the streets, but with young people specifically.”

Comedians including Cerise Whilser-Davies, Jamie Hutchinson, Maisy Whipp, The Lovely Boys and Tom Lawrinson performed sets ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.

During the event, clothes were collected for donation, there was a joke competition on Twitter and a raffle with presents ranging from alcohol to toilet-paper rolls.

Emma Ley continued: “It’s more interactive, people are standing, people are watching, people are getting involved. We’ve got an interactive hashtag where people can send in their own jokes.”

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