Blackley and Broughton Constituency. Credit: Google Earth

Similar to the constituencies of Salford and Eccles, and Worsley and South Eccles, Blackley and Broughton was only recently formed in 2010 following a review by the government’s Boundary Commission.

The constituency of Blackley and Broughton included; Charlestown, Cheetham, Crumpsall, Harpurhey, and Higher Blackley, and the City of Salford wards of Broughton and Kersal.

In 1844 the township of Broughton-cum-Kersal was incorporated into the Salford borough, despite much opposition from some of the more wealthy residents, whilst Blackley remains part of the Manchester borough.

Over the years the area has produced a number of famous faces, such as; former Manchester United and Manchester City footballer Jon Macken, Current Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland and former director of the London School of Economics Howard Davies as well as actor Bernard Hill, who has starred in Titanic and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Blackley satellite google maps

Blackley and Broughton is another Salford area which is covered with green spaces and natural reserves are open to the public, including Heaton Park, which makes up 25 per cent of Manchester’s green spaces and is one of the largest parks of its kind in Europe. In addition, Blackley Forest is an example of one of the UK’s first community woodlands and a site of biological importance. The planting of the park’s first trees took place in 1953 to commemorate the Queen’s coronation and also the local people who gave their lives in the Second World War.

Broughton satellite google maps

The constituency of Blackley and Broughton is another strong Labour seat in Parliament, with the residents of the constituency being by Graham Stringer for the past 9 years since the first election involving the constituency. Since 2010, the Labour majority in the constituency has risen from 54 per cent to 70 per cent.

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