Eccles Rugby Club are set to host their annual Christmas brass band concert this Saturday following their match against Sefton. 

The concert will begin at 5 pm and will include an array of festive carols, a visit from father Christmas and mulled wine to get people in the festive spirit.

Club secretary, Mark Greenhalgh said: “It’s very important as an event for the club because its generally well attended, people getting into he Christmas spirit and it delivers some bar sales that will help us keep the club running.”

“From a community perspective its important the people from around Eccles can come to the club and have a little look at what we’re about and what and we do without it being directly rugby related.

The event, which Mark says is one of the highlights of his calendar explained the event is very important to the club who can not afford to rely on anything but help from those already involved.

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“We are completely voluntary based so we’re reliant on the hard work of the people behind the bar, providing the food and organising everything on the day and we hope by doing that, people will be inspired to get involved whether that be as coaches or kitchen volunteers or one of the many other roles we need.

“It’s just such a beautiful, family community day bringing everyone together with a love of rugby, Christmas brass bands and music to get together and have a good time.”

The event will run till 8 pm with all welcome to attend.

Image credit- Nick Brien

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