The Salford Choral Society is putting on a concert named ‘Messiah’ tomorrow at The Royal Northern College of Music.

The Royal Northern College of Music will play host to the show that has been given the tagline ‘Handel’s best loved Oratorio, especially at Christmas.’

Salford Choral Society – Messiah

Conductor Tom Newall is looking forward to tomorrow’s concert that sees them team up with Manchester-based period instrument ensemble Baroque In The North.

Tom said: “We will be joined by Baroque in the North, they will bring about 11 players. We also have some solo singers coming to join us as well.”

The importance of mental health issues are getting more and more exposure and Newall believes that participating in a choir can be beneficial for people’s mental health.

He said: “Mental health is something that is in the news and is being talked about quite a lot at the moment and there is a lot of research that suggests that singing is something that can be really beneficial to mental health.

“Everyone comes to choir for their own individual reasons, as far as I can come to choir rehearsal and switch off and just enjoy singing for a couple of hours.

“For some, it may be the only time they get out of the house.”

You would be forgiven for thinking that choir participation may be mostly older people but Newall explains that there is a wide range of ages that make up the Salford Choral Society: “We have people in the choir who age from 17 to 90, so we have quite a wide range of young singers and older singers who are retired.”

The society has a wealth of history in Salford.

He said: “The choir was funded in 1947 and they have enjoyed quite an illustrious career back in the hay day in the second half of the 20th century.”

It has grown to become a leading choir in the North West and now comprises some 100 enthusiastic singers from all areas of Greater Manchester.

This is not the only event that the Salford Choral Society has planned before Christmas, they have a Christmas concert planned on the 21st of December which Newall says will be a night of “Christmas carols and festive readings.”

To find out about tickets and more information about the Salford Choral Society visit their website or follow their twitter @SalfordChoral.

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