Many Salford parents are tired of their child sitting in front of a monitor all day playing video games

Many parents have seen behaviour changes and low school grades which is believed to be because of long hours of gaming.

The vast growth of television and online advertising of gaming has lead to an increase in more people taking active part in the community.

Speaking to Harry Houghton, a psychotherapist said “ gaming becomes problematic and gets in the way of what you should be doing with your life”.

Houghton also said “it can limit your horizons and distract your life”

Gaming has now got a treatment at the NHS. It is believed to be extremely harmful if effective support isn’t sought.

The realism in gaming has heightened the sense of emotions into video games.

Houghton stated that “video games can be very vivid and impactful on a person.”



Houghton “video game can impact any age group, parents should limit their kids from video gaming.”

NHS are offering bespoke treatment programme involving behavioural therapy, self-help groups, and 12-Step rehabilitation programmes if the severity of your addiction is acute.

To conclude Houghton said that; “gaming addiction needs to be taken seriously by parents and NHS because it can be very harmful.”

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