The chances of a houses being burgled this Christmas has just increased, stay alert and don’t always depend on your alarm system

Not only will the house be empty of an evening but also alarm systems and CCTV’s will also be tricked.

Stefan Hickinton, from insurance firm stated that “this time of year is the riskiest time for every UK house, as clocks go back and nights get longer it becomes easier and a fantastic opportunity for burglars”.

As we all know Christmas brings along its joyful spirits and family together, whilst people are out enjoying events or celebrating with the family, the darkness and empty houses gives the thieves an easier access and great opportunity

There are simple ways which may reduce the chances of your home being burgled, the old fashion ways no longer work and it makes things worse.

Research shows that homes with CCTV that’s easily accessible via internet and homes with chains are more protected and safer than homes without.

Homes with internal lights and external lights are also protected and safe than homes without. It’s not about having fancy lights, anything best for value that can keep the thieves away and scare them off.

Alarm system can increase the chances of you being robbed if you rely everything on them.

Alarm system and CCTV can now easily be tricked and turned off via signal boxs, that are just £8 on eBay.

Getting the basics might still help some people, making sure the house looks occupied and you have the mandatory systems installed is a key thing to do, better to be safe than sorry.

If your home is burgled, the financial losses you’ll sustain are bad enough. The trauma and unease in its aftermath, however, is a bell that can’t be un-rung, and many burglary victims never again feel safe in their own homes.

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