Looking to get into the digital job sector but you’re not sure how to get a foot in the door? Manchester Digital is running an event next February that is set up exactly for that.

Talent Day is the biggest digital careers fair in the North, if you might be looking to get into this sector, it is a must for you. Over 50 employers pay to attend to look for young workers that might have the potential to be a major part in their company’s future.

Speaking to Michael Palmer, the Digital and Marketing Manager for Manchester Digital, he said “It sees over 1,500 students meet 50 businesses all looking to hire, there’s not many opportunities like that.”

Running next February the tickets are free to the event, so for those looking to get a job in the sector it will be a very important event to attend.

Michael Palmer said “The businesses paid to be there, so they are looking to hire… if young people come with CV’s ready and having done research on the companies, there’s a really good opportunity to find work.”

Having already established businesses involved in the event makes it so students could find work in a top company, rather than having to extensively search for one.

If you’re not sure about working in the digital industry would be for you, the companies there are looking for a number of people to fill in roles. Michael Palmer said “It covers from Digital Marketing to software development to animation. Even though it’s one sector, there’s a lot of different skill sets catered for.”

So even if you are unsure of what you want to do in the sector there will be something for you.

When asked about any success stories Michael replied “Every company that goes there tends to hire from talent day.” So there is quite a high rate of people that get jobs as a result of the event.

“One person was there was on the exhibition stand helping people find jobs, were there last year as a student so she sort of went full circle.” He continued.

Next year is going to be the skill festivals ninth year running and Michael Palmer sees it running for a long time more.

“Manchester Digital, since its creation 20 years ago, has gone from strength to strength. We’re now a membership organisation with over 500 members.” He went on to explain.

Having an organisation of this size, run an event of this kind gives such good opportunities to people of the north.

He also said “We believe that this industry, although it’s grown exponentially in the past 20 years, could still see it continue to double in size.”

So, if you are looking at getting into the digital job market, this event is essential even just to look at. For more information go to their website: https://www.manchesterdigital.com/post/manchester-digital/talent-day-2020-essential-advice-for-anyone-wanting-to-work-in-digital-and-tech or email here: info@manchesterdigital.com .

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