Labour has pledged to invest £850 million into providing schools with more mental health support.

The money will be used to provide counsellors for schools, allowing young people to get the help they need.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon.

According to the NHS, one in eight people aged five to 19 had a mental disorder in 2017.

As a result, local groups have set up resources in Salford and the surrounding area to support young people.

Credit: Statistics from the NHS website, info-graphic created by Shannon Hopwood

Natalie Lunn, Service Manager at 42nd Street, in Salford, said: “I think some authorities like Salford are fantastic because they’ve got an integrated youth service, they’ve got early help hubs, they’ve got really good provision for young people, all which is in the local area, so I think that really helps.

“I think maybe in other parts, there may be cuts in terms of services, in terms of that early help and community preventative and that can have an impact sometimes with young people and their mental health.”

Image credit:,_Great_Ancoats_Street,_Manchester.jpg under CC BY-SA 2.0

Salford Support

42nd Street is involved in the Greater Manchester Mentally Healthy Schools Programme, which supports young people with their mental health. As part of this, it provides schools with counselors and gives students the tools to take control of their mental well-being.

Ms Lunn said: “I think it’s really important that each school has a real say and an understanding of what their school and their young people need. So it’s got to be lead by the local area, the neighborhoods, the communities, the schools, the young people and what they say is needed, too.

“I just know that schools have said to me that it’s much more in the open and on the agenda over the past few years. It just seems to be that, in a good way, more young people are talking about it. More schools are talking about it with them as part of their daily conversation, which is really helpful.”

Mind responded to the Labour Party’s Manifesto, saying: “For too long politicians have paid lip service to mental health – it is time for real change. We expect to hear real commitments in other parties’ manifestos.

“We are also pleased to see promises of investment in mental health services for young people, as well as action to transform our welfare system.”



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