Salford police will increase work to tackle hate crime following an increase of 37 per cent in recorded offences last year.

In June 2019, Greater Manchester Police released a three-month study which showed the increase in hate crime within Salford and Greater Manchester.

Hate Crime are acts of hostility directed at individuals based on their religion, race, sexual orientation etc.

People in communities don’t understand the definition of Hate Crime and it is believe that about 75 per cent of the community are not reporting hate crimes.

Jane Curtman, Police Community Supporter, said: “A lot of incidents are under-reported, people are reluctant to come forward so with events like these we try to encourage individuals to speak up.”

Salford is a diverse city and is no stranger to these types of crimes, especially within the younger community.

For many years now, Salford has tried different approaches to confront and reduce the frequency of these crimes and attacks.

Jane went on to say: “In the past I don’t think we have tried to raise as much awareness as we should, which I think we can definitely promote more often, especially within younger generations, and primary schools as they gel better and grow up with that mentality.”

A Hate crime awareness week is currently taking place until February 9.

Having events like these in Salford helps the community understand that everyone has the right to feel safe and are all responsible to stand against any type of discrimination and hatred. The awareness week has been organised by Salford CVS who have helped multiple charities to have events relating to Hate Crime and encouraging Hate Crime Victims to come forward.

All information sourced from GMP.

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