A prisoner has had his jail sentence extended after he carried out a brutal attack last year.

The Judge said Paul Higham, 41, would have his prison sentence extended for “public safety.”

After hearing that a large amount of cash and cigarettes were in a property in Eccles, Higham decided to raid the house.

During the raid, he tied up the victim with cable ties from a telephone and held a kitchen knife to the mans neck.

The attack didn’t stop there, as Higham threatened the victim that he would re-open a wound, after the victim had knee surgery a few weeks early.

The victim said: “I was absolutely terrified of what he was going to do next, and what lengths he was prepared to go to to get my money.”

Higham left with £5,000 in cash and 14 cartons of cigarettes.

Before leaving the house, Higham told the victim, “Don’t bother telling the police.

“I don’t give a f*** about the police. Can’t you see I’m not balaclavaed up?”

The parole board are still indecisive about when Paul Higham will be released.

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