Swinton Lions. Image credit cc: Emily J Parker

Swinton Lions will play the Batley Bulldogs in their next away league game at Fox’s Biscuits Stadium this Sunday.

With regard to both teams’ previous performance, Swinton Lions seem to be the most capable of winning round three of the championship.

The Swinton Lions are currently 6th in the league tables after winning 14-0 away from home at Whitehaven in their first game of the league.

The Bulldogs lost their last match against Widnes Vikings last Sunday after a 32-12 defeat so they will have to up their game for a win this Sunday.

The Bulldogs remain to be 2nd from the bottom in 12th place. After two losses against both Widnes Vikings (12-32) and Featherstone Rovers (18-38), the Bulldogs need to have a strong comeback to hope to do well this season.

Two of the Lions’ previous matches have been called off because of bad weather which makes it more difficult give an impression of how they will perform this season.

In their pre-season games, their game against Rochdale Hornets was cancelled.

Despite their disappointing defeat of 52-4 against Salford Red Devils, their close victory against Warrington Wolves bodes well for the season ahead. Warrington Wolves, who won the Challenge Cup last year and were finalists in 2018’s Super League, are a difficult team to come up against but the Swinton Lions beat them regardless. Hopefully, the Lions will continue to stay on a post-Whitehaven winning streak.

In hopes of a victory, the Lions will have had more time to prepare for Sunday’s game with their previous match against the Dewsbury Rams being postponed.

Another win for the Lions on Sunday could mean that the team climb up near to the top the tables wheras the Bulldogs will have some catching up to do.

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