Worsley Wombles

A Worsley family have taken it upon themselves to tackle Salford’s littering problem in their home town, coining themselves the ‘Worsley Wombles’.

Since beginning in January, the two litter heroes Logan and Lennox, ages four and six, created the Worsley Wombles with their parents, Anthony and Eilidh.

Initially, the family took notice of the waste in Worsley and began taking a carrier bag along with them on walks.

As a result, Anthony’s partner Eilidh bought him a litter-picker as a joke.

Surprisingly, Anthony described that the two brothers immediately “wanted to get involved.”

He said they: “…made it into a big of a game and bought them a litter-picker each…It became a good excuse to get them out of the house.”

The two youngsters playing a game with their litter-picker light-sabers

As a result, the youngest, Lennox has exclaimed: “The world is dying… We have to do something!”

Likewise, Logan tells his parents: “We need to do more…there is so much plastic in the sea and it’s killing the sea life.”

Logan and Lennox, clearing up littered Salford areas

Whilst doing the school run, Anthony Leadbetter and his two boys noticed heavy amounts of litter close to Bridgewater School.

As a result the family went on a mission to clear the small wooded area in Worsley and filled “bin bag after bin bag” with litter.

Rubbish hotspot for Worsley Wombles

Furthermore, Anthony stated: “Any area that’s a mess the kids point it out and we go back and clean it.

“If we all did this, we wouldn’t have a problem.

“We are not some eco-friendly, tree-hugging, hippy family living off the land.

“We are just a normal family who cares about where we live and keeping the beautiful places we enjoy visiting clean.

“If you create rubbish, put it in a bin or take it home. It’s pretty simple.

“Worsley is our home…which makes it so upsetting when people spoil it by littering.”

Worsley Wombles have already been praised by residents for their work around the local area.

There are similar clean up groups in Greater Manchester, such as the Litter Heroes.

However, Anthony explained, that praise is not important, but knowing people feel the same way is.

“Maybe some will think twice before they throw a dog waste bag in a tree or an empty crisp packet on the floor.”

Information about other community clean-ups can be found here.

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