A two-day event is being held at IWM North Salford, which will aim to give visitors a first-hand insight into the impact of war along with the chance to meet veterans who have been involved in conflict.

The event which is being held on Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 February 2020 aims to attract families who are looking for something to do this February half-term.

Held in IWM North’s main exhibition space, visitors to the museum will be able to interact with and speak to veterans from World War Two, up until the most recent conflicts.

Pic by Ethan Walford

Veterans from various conflicts and different regiments will be there to share their personal experiences of conflict. This is alongside the main exhibition space, which explores the effects of battle, through displays and historical artefacts.

Visiting the first day of the special event on Tuesday, visitors will have the unique opportunity to attempt to spell their name through a Morse code machine. Depending on how successful you were, you then receive a certificate signed by a British Navy veteran.

A certificate in Morse code spelling.

Although, it isn’t just British Veterans who are in attendance, as a US Navy officer will be there to discuss the cramped and difficult conditions that come with service aboard a US Naval vessel. He will show a variety of pictures, depicting how he had to sleep and live in stuffy windowless rooms, alongside 100 other soldiers.



There will also be the chance to feel the weight of conflict. Visitors will be able to put on body armour, camouflage jackets and try on helmets, all a part of experiencing the weight soldiers have to carry around.

Attendance to IWM North is free, and a team of volunteers will be there to help with any enquiries on the day. Veterans will be available from 11am to 3pm on both days. More information can be found by visiting the IWM website here.

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