Broughton House

A woman from Liverpool is set to jump from a plane on the 21st March and skydive to raise money for the Broughton House, the home of Salford and Greater Manchester’s Veterans.

Broughton house was founded in 1916 to care for soldiers and sailors who had been injured in the First World War. Their logo reads: “We Care For Those Who Served Us.”

Yasmin Hassanpour, 26, is a serving member of the Royal Navy reserves who regularly attends the Salford Veterans Breakfast Club.

She said: “Residents at the Broughton House are the type of people I look up to and give high respect.

“I have been down to visit the residents in the home just to have general conversations with them.”

However, there is still a push in donations needed. So far, £42 of the £500 has been raised.

Although she is nervous, she loves being adventurous so is extremely excited for the jump.

“Also I want to give back and be part of the future, as they gave everyone else a present and a future.

“Everything they witnessed and have been through can’t be forgotten.”

“I don’t want anyone to forget what they have done.”

Right now, Broughton House is being transformed into a Veteran Care Village, paid for through a £3m grant from LIBOR funding, which is a government initiative to redistribute the proceeds of banking fines.

When it’s complete, the site will have a Care Home with 64 bedrooms, with 30 independent living apartments. There will also be a dedicated military support hub, a memorial park and a landscaped garden with a bowling green.

To also financially assist in the development, a scheme called ‘Buy a Brick Campaign’ has been launched, which aims to raise £1,000,000 to help with the remaining work needed to build the UK’s first Veteran Care Village.

To donate and support Yasmin, visit:

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