On Sunday 15 March, Miro Events UK organisers Diane Barton and Jean Stephenson hosted an eco-friendly and well-being event for the Salford community.

Ms. Barton and Ms. Stephenson held the Keener to be Greener event at the Elm-Bank Banqueting and Conference Centre in Eccles.

A handful of small businesses that sell organic, ethical, and recycled products were asked by the two organisers to showcase their items on stalls at the event.

The businesses also informed visitors on how to better one’s diet and promote healthy eating, exercise, and activities that connect us with nature like gardening.

Blue Bottle Botanics exhibiting the beauty of nature. Copyright: Jessica Stone

Ms. Stephenson said: “We wanted to raise people’s awareness of well-being and what things we can do to feel better like yoga, pilates, salsa, and massages.

“It is also to show people what things you can make by upcycling and here we have shops and small businesses that provide these eco-friendly products.”

She continued: “It gives them a chance to highlight and spotlight what they do.”

The Make it Sew stallholder sold handmade clothing, accessories and toys – all with organic fabric. Copyright: Jessica Stone

Ms. Barton explained: “This is about giving people ideas of the small steps that can be taken and it is surprising what comes from the feeling of well-being.

“It can encourage you to do other things and take other steps.”

Before establishing Miro Events UK, Ms. Barton, and Ms. Stephenson were lifestyle and well-being stallholders themselves and have been involved in many events across Salford.

Anita Abraham from Vegan Poochy Treats looking as happy as ever as she sells vegan snacks to dog owners. Copyright: Jessica Stone

Ms. Barton said: “Having been a stallholder we knew what we wanted to do, we wanted it to be a welcoming environment not only for the visitors but for the stallholders.

“Every event we do the stallholders get a little gift on the table just to say welcome and thank you.”

She continued: “They have all thoroughly enjoyed it which is great, that is what you want to hear.”

In a recent survey of 22 people aged 16 to 65+, it revealed that 90.91% of them agreed that more needs to be done to increase awareness on how society can be environmentally friendly.

72.73% of the respondents said they would attend an event like Keener to be Greener that aids to support lifestyle and well-being.



31.82% of the respondents suffer from depression and 45.45% anxiety resulting in 77.27% of them struggling with mental health.

Harriet Newton, the organiser of the Project Mindset, attended the event to run meditation sessions and motivational talks about mindset for the visitors.

Ms. Newton advised the visitors that the workings of the mind and personal development can create a new perspective on life.

Ms. Barton and Ms. Stephenson are hopeful about organising future eco-friendly and well-being events in Salford.

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