Sunday night saw former Britain’s Got Talent finalist Daliso Chaponda leave Salford in stitches at The Lowry.

The Malawian comic brought Blah Blah Blacklist to The Lowry bringing the same style of humour that made him famous.

Entering The Lowry at what was originally a sold-out event I can’t help but notice the gaps of empty seats in the audience.

Daliso opens his set by addressing the elephant in the room, removing his jacket as he jests, “don’t worry, it’s not a fever.”

Blah Blah Blacklist is a show about cancel culture with Daliso not just joking but discussing instances of celebrities slipping up with the audience, but also pondering if they deserved how they were treated.

He asks if we should cancel celebrities saying that regardless of what you think you likely still listen to the music of controversial musicians like R Kelly or Michael Jackson.

Daliso makes even the most taboo subjects funny making you laugh even when you probably shouldn’t.

During the second half he gives us a behind-the-scenes look at TV appearances talking about the amount of hate mail being in the public eye can generate.

Regardless of the serious nature of this it’s still funny and by no means is Daliso trying to garner sympathy from the audience but is instead just trying to make them laugh.

The second half is also dominantly about his own experiences being Malawian with jokes surrounding race that however never delve into offensiveness.

He also talks about politics in his own country which is interesting since very few British comics cover the subject, he makes a subject which may seem somewhat boring accessible to the audience. If you thought Brexit was bad you’ve got a lot to learn.

Stories of corruption and political foul play fill the second half but somehow it never comes across as overtly political material, this is likely due to a lot of this half being about his family with his dad being a member of the Malawian government.

Daliso Chaponda’s second tour Blah Blah Blacklist is above all more of the same from the Malawian comic. He makes taboo subjects comical.

Daliso’s comedy walks the line between non-pc humour and family friendly comedy.

As he left the stage Daliso said this would likely be his last show of the tour due to the coronavirus outbreak but to stay posted you can visit his website here.

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