A local beer brewery and gin distillery have opened a drive-thru.

Salford’s own Seven Bro7hers Brewery and Four Sisters Distillery have partnered up to provide the city with their local beer and gin, helping the community through the coronavirus pandemic.

Described on their Twitter as the “best thing that’s ever existed”, the drive-thru consists of a small gazebo with a drinks fridge outside the distillery doors, which customers can drive right up to.

Customers can preorder the alcohol via the online shop, then click the “drive-thru” box in their carts.

Alternatively, they can simply turn up on the day and collect the alcohol without having to leave their cars, minimising social contact.

The new drive-thru, which opened yesterday, has proven popular with one customer buying £250 worth of beer.

Alison Watson, Head of Marketing at Seven Bro7hers says the companies have been impacted since the coronavirus outbreak.

“Our beerhouses are still open at the minute but we’re on reduced hours from today.

“We’re trying to do what we can, so we have a takeaway service for our food and beers.”

“It’s so nice that everybody is supporting us as a community at a difficult time.”

“Some customers might be self-isolating or they don’t want to go to the supermarket for alcohol because it’s so busy.

“So we want to offer them another option.”

Gazebo with drinks fridge

The drive-thru is open from 10am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.

You can visit the drive-thru at the Waybridge Industrial Estate, Daniel Adamson Road in Salford, M50 1DS.

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