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Salford now has 104 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The data was released today by the Department for Health and Social Care.

The current number of cases in each region is as follows:

Salford: 104 cases

Bury: 59 cases

Rochdale: 78 cases

Oldham: 101 cases

Tameside: 62 cases

Stockport: 93 cases

Central Manchester: 109 cases

Trafford: 86 cases

The DfHSC have been using an online dashboard to keep the public updated.


  1. Please stay in people !!!!’

  2. Are these the ones that have been admitted to hospitals? I know people self isolating who have had symptoms no one collecting dara from them

  3. Salford is a city where as the others are towns a bit miss leading but hope every one recovers

  4. How many in Eccles? Salford is a very big area.

  5. We will never know the true figure tbh, as unless you actually go to hospital you won’t get tested, I’ve download the COVID app, I put in my data daily, two clicks and it’s going to king cross university and they are keeping track how people are feeling

  6. Ellen McColgan

    Stay at home and save lives

  7. Like the comment above are these cases people that have been admitted or people that are self isolating because of having symptoms?

  8. Carole Brown

    As others have said – what about those in the community with symptoms? Me and my husband are certain we have it but no way of knowing for sure so we won’t be counted

  9. Shirley walker

    I believe that there is many more cases in Salford and Greater Manchester, I myself and others I know have symptoms, we unfortunately have not been tested

  10. juliet misiewicz

    as of 8th may there was 896 cases in Salford area which includes Eccles out of a population of 254.408 whith 268 deaths but we are now 19th may so it will have gone up

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