People from across the city of Salford came together to applaud key medical workers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Dozens of people posted their appreciation for NHS staff at Salford Royal Hospital and the army of additional medical staff and carers across the city.

Many included pictures and videos showing Salfordians coming out on to their streets or appearing on balconies to applaud, cheer and bang pans to show their support.

Other videos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram showed fireworks being let off across Salford and cars beeping their horns.

Brad Hill tweeted: “Well that lifted the spirits. Such a great neighbourly response to the call. All showing appreciation for the wonderful NHS. We are a stone’s throw from Salford Royal Hospital. They must have heard us in there. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!”

Meanwhile Karen posted: “Beautiful spontaneous applause from the windows and balcony doors here in Salford.”

And Therese O’Hanlon wrote: “Thank You to all the staff at Salford Royal Hospital, stay safe, we all appreciate everything you do for us on a daily basis and especially now #clapforNHS

Meanwhile Teresa McMahon shared a video of applause on Eccles New Road, describing it as a “powerful and emotional moment”.

Natsan88’s video on Twitter showed a street full of people in Salford clapping and cheering.

European Bob tweeted: “Salford’s clapforNHS included fireworks, sparklers and karaoke. A remarkable place.”

Institutions across Salford also showed their appreciation, lighting up buildings in the city to mark the applause for healthcare workers.

Salford Council tweeted: “Thank you Salford for standing on your door step & making noise to show your appreciation for all the NHS staff, carers & key workers supporting us in the city & beyond. We’ve lit the Civic Centre to show our support.

Alison Page, CEO at Salford CVS, the infrastructure organisation for Salford’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, wrote on Twitter: “Big shout out to all of our carers, care workers, cleaners, supermarket workers, nurses, doctors, frontline council workers, etc… and of course the fantastic people working and volunteering for charities and in communities Purple heartRed heart👏🏼👏🏽#Who_Is_Important_Now !! ✊🏽”

MediaCityUK lit up its buildings in blue as a nod to NHS workers: “During these unprecedented times, we recognise the work and national effort fronted by our NHS to keep our country safe. We have illuminated @MediaCityUK in support of all the #NHS workers and volunteers. Thank you.”

Eleni MacFarlane summed up the feelings of Salfordians everywhere when she shared a video from Salford Quays of residents voicing their appreciation: “8pm, Salford. The world can be a wonderful place. #clapforNHS”

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