A 12-year-old boy from Salford has used his newfound time in isolation to make a free-style rap about Covid-19.

The original song aims to spread awareness of those fighting the virus.

The song currently has 5.6 thousand views on Twitter and 2.8 thousand on Facebook since Friday.

Lewis Pratt, 12, said: “I chose to write this song so I could hopefully raise money for the NHS.

“They are doing so much for us.”

Although young, Lewis has a firm understanding of what is currently happening and used this as inspiration for his rap.

He added: “It has inspired me because I feel like Coronavirus is a really big thing and I wanted to fight it.

“I feel really bad for all the people that died and I devote the song to them.”

Since the video has been posted there has been a significant increase of cases in Salford, with 104 confirmed cases thus far.

Our NHS workers are working on the front line to limit the impact of this virus.

This song aims to show the importance of them.

Andy Pratt and Nadine Pratt with son, Lewis Pratt. Photo credit: Nadine Pratt

Nadine Pratt, 40, Mother, said: “He likes to rap and sing songs all the time.

“However, he doesn’t normally write his own lyrics and then put it to music and post it.

“He has done this all himself.”

His parents are currently showing their support by publishing and sharing the video on social media.

They are hopeful that this will get released on paying platforms due to the positive feedback so far.

All profits made are going to be donated to the NHS.

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