The Dispensary‘ a zero waste shop, is helping to raise money to donate toiletries to families who are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.

The shop is helping a community interest company, Visit from the Stork, who hopes to raise £400.

The owner, Fay Watts says: “We are hoping to raise £400 to donate some of our current eco-friendly stock of shampoo bars, soap bars, bamboo toothbrushes and cotton buds.”

“Donations at a time like this are so important, not just for the financial help but lots of people will be feeling mentally overwhelmed so any help in deliveries, advice or anything really is of the greatest importance right now!”


Kimberly Bond, CEO of Visit from the Stork says: “Our mission is to make sure all parents in Greater Manchester have the tools and resources they need to give their family a better quality of life.”

“We had a lot of parents saying that they couldn’t get hold of nappies, wipes formula milk, etc and there are others who can’t leave the house because they are self-isolating and they need these items.”

“We have been lucky enough to secure a small amount of funding from NHS Salford CCG and the We Love Mcr Charity, but we are expecting to be busy over the coming weeks as the situation peaks.”

“We are working with our lovely friends at The Dispensary to raise money – so Fay will provide a care package of eco-friendly items to 130 families as well.”

Bond speaks about the importance of helping families through this difficult time, saying: “We want to make the lockdown situation much less stressful for families, so they can concentrate on spending quality time with their children and creating a new ‘normal’.”

“Unfortunately many families will now be in a situation of having much lower incomes because of job losses, or are unable to get to the shops because of restrictions in place, meaning hundreds more children in Greater Manchester are in danger of living in poverty.”


“People can also donate money so we can buy these items, through pay pal

Watts speaks about the impact coronavirus has had on her shop, saying: “My little business has sadly been really affected by the pandemic.”

We have had to close our doors to help stop the spread of the virus.

“Everyone is in a bad position at the moment and I’m sure with our loyal customers we will come through the other side!”

“We are setting up click and collect and doorstep deliveries over the next few weeks which can be organised through”

Donations can be made here.

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