Salford and Eccles MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey has lost the Labour leadership race.

The Corbyn continuity candidate was defeated by Keir Starmer this morning, gaining only 27.56% of the vote.

Starmer won with 56.21% of the vote.

Keir Starmer giving his first speech as Labour Leader

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been a Member of Parliament for Salford and Eccles since 2015, with a vote share of 49.4% and a majority of 20%.

She served in Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet from 2017.




Keir Starmer, a lawyer who represents Holburn and St Pancras in the commons has also been an MP since 2015.

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s ideology was often compared to the previous leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Starmer claims to be a socialist, but not a Corbynite.

In his first speech as leader, Starmer said: “It is the honour and privilege of my life to be elected as leader of the Labour Party.

“It comes at a moment like none other in our lifetime.

“I will lead this great party into a new era with confidence and with hope so that when the time comes we can serve our country again in government.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey has since said “To those who supported our campaign, and who voted for me to become Labour’s first woman leader, thank you for putting your faith into me”

“We didn’t get the result we wanted, but I’m proud of the campaign we ran.”

“Keir Starmer will be a brilliant prime minister, and I can’t wait to see him in number 10”

Many Labour supporters have shared their thoughts on twitter.

While some compare Starmer to ex-Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair.


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