Some Salford household waste and recycling centres will re-open from this Saturday, but people are urged to only go if ‘absolutely necessary’.

Social distancing measures have been put in place, with one person allowed out of their vehicle to dispose of their waste at a time. Staff will be unable to assist with unloading and no pedestrian access will be permitted.

People visiting the tips must bring proof of address with them, such as a council tax, gas or electricity bill.

The Salford Council website stresses: “You can only take bagged general waste that you can’t fit in your household bin such as nappies, plastic packaging, polystyrene and other household waste that can’t be recycled.

“Please do not bring any recycling, clothing or electrical items to the recycling centre, these cannot be recycled at this current time and if mixed in with general waste, can damage the machines used to process the waste, potentially resulting in fires, delays, and costly repairs.

“Only a limited number of vehicles will be allowed on site at any one time with a one in, one out policy. For each parking bay, there will be a container to place the bag of general waste in. There will be no other recycling containers available.

“You should leave the site as quickly as possible to allow the next car in. Our teams will be working hard to keep wait times down to a minimum but please be patient and expect to have to wait to dispose of your waste.”

Number plate rota system being implemented:

To help manage traffic flow and protect staff, a number plate traffic system rota has been implemented based off odd and even number plates.

On certain days, only number plates ending with odd numbers – one, three, five, seven and nine – will be allowed to enter the centres. While number plates ending with even numbers – zero, two, four, six and eight – will be allowed in on other days. Please follow this link to see the specific rota for which days your vehicle would be allowed entry.

Which sites will open this Saturday?

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