Fly-tipping culprits were exposed around the Blackfriars area last week by a group leader from Salford Litter Heroes.

Salford Litter Hero and Keep Britain Tidy ambassador Danielle Wright has taken it upon herself to expose recent fly-tippers.

Danielle has even seen fly-tippers discarding large amounts of rubbish on Mocha Parade and she reported them to the council.

Because Mocha Parade has been described as “not council land”, the council is unable to offer help, despite it being a fly-tipping hotspot.

Fly-tipping in Salford
Mocha Parade fly-tipping hot spot, Google Maps images

Ms Wright says fly-tipping has been encouraged by the lack of maintenance of the site.

“It’s the broken window effect…if it looks a mess you’re going to put more mess on it,” she said.

“With the tips being closed it seems like it’s their only option. Saying that, people have been fly-tipping on there even before lockdown.

“It needs to be scrapped and redeveloped.

“We did three litter picks on it last year and it’s still terrible…it’s a tough area to tackle.”

To combat fly-tipping she has called for the area bordering Mocha Parade to be fenced off.



For more information on the Salford Litter Heroes, click here

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