Pass It On challenge

A Salford football academy is raising funds for the NHS frontline workers by showcasing their skills in the ‘Pass It On’ challenge.

Manchester International Football Academy, based at Salford Sports Village, are doing their own take on the current internet trend by cutting together videos sent in by both local and farther-afield communities.

The challenge involves controlling a football that comes into camera shot before doing a piece of skill and passing it on again.

The short clips are then edited together to look as if the participants are passing each other the ball.

The Academy has then been making a donation on behalf of every person that takes part in the video.

MIFA Director and Founder Ross Johnson gave an insight into the Academy’s initiative.

He said: “All of us wanted to do something to help support the frontline workers and obviously we’re a football academy so it made sense.

“A lot of our lads couldn’t afford to donate themselves so the idea was I would make a donation from myself and from the Academy, and we’d make a donation on behalf of people taking part in the challenge.

“The idea was to enjoy kicking a ball, wherever you are, and we’d put you into the video.

“We started it nine or 10 days ago and it has just continued to grow.”

Since getting involved with the challenge just over a week ago, Ross has been delighted with the response in terms of both the video and the donations which will go to the NHS staff on the frontline fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been fantastic. We’ve had lots of people making donations as well which is absolutely great.

“We’ve had people from all over the world taking part. We tried to make the point about the big thing with the NHS is that it’s for everybody – and that’s what this challenge is about too.”

Despite their challenge originating in Salford, MIFA’s Pass It On attempt has seen people all over the world take part so far.

Ross believes that the video, and the initiative itself, showcases what the area is all about.

“People in Salford welcome people of all ages from all over the world and I think that’s reflected in this video.

“Football is something that has origins in Salford, when you take people down Littleton Road, when you go to The Cliff – that’s the history of football in our area.

“We think that Salford has a lot to offer.

“The old gives the platform to the new and that’s the people that you see in the video.”

You can take part in the challenge by emailing your Pass It On clips to or to donate visit the JustGiving page.

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