Broughton house letters

Schoolchildren are writing letters to veterans at Salford’s Broughton House to keep their spirits up during lockdown.

Pupils at Prestwich Arts College were each given a ‘pen-pal’ at the veteran care village by their headteacher Rachel Evans, who set the letter-writing task as part of the pupils home-schooling routine.

Mason Jones, left, and his brother Jackson writing their letters to Broughton House veterans.

Mason Jones, a year seven student, wrote to Broughton House’s longest-serving resident Andrew Hewitt with the help of his younger brother Jackson.

Mason said: “I really enjoyed writing to Andrew because I know residents can’t see friends or family at the moment – I wanted to see how they are and not to feel lonely.”

He also said: “We focused on thanking the veterans for everything they’ve done for us and our country, as well as letting them know how proud we are of them.”

Andrew Hewitt, Broughton House’s longest-serving resident, who served in the RAF.

Along with this heart-warming gesture, Prestwich Arts College has raised hundreds of pounds for the Broughton House Veteran Care Village.

This comes as the school council picked Broughton House as its chosen charity.

Pupils have been raising money through a variety of different activities, including a recent at-home sponsored silence.

Laura Carr, community and events fundraiser at Broughton House, said: “It means the world to know that we have continued support for our veteran residents from all the staff and students at Prestwich Arts College.

“Seeing the younger generation so enthusiastic about our veterans is really heart-warming.”

The acts of kindness that the staff and students at Prestwich Arts College have shown are an inspiration to all.

Broughton House is currently undergoing a £15 million redevelopment to be transformed into the UK’s first Veteran Care Village which will feature a 64-bedroom care home and 30 independent living apartments.

To find out how you can contribute to Prestwich Arts College’s fundraising for Broughton House click here

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