Salford Thrift shopping

Designer brands are often considered elusive because of the high retail price. However, an increase in thrift shopping has seen a change to this.

Salford hosts many charity shops and regular kilo sales as a student city blooming from under the shadow of Manchester’s northern quarter.

For some people, thrift shopping is their bread and butter and for others, they do not fully understand what the term means.

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Thrift shopping is a means for people to find one of a kind vintage items, discounted bundles or mainstream brands. What was unwanted by one person might be an item another person has been hunting for. 

Often the public avoid thrift shopping because it is second hand.

Avid thrifter Charlie Smith says: “I will pop into a charity store or vintage shop every chance I get because you never know what you might find”. 

“The key to it is being patient and open-minded.” 

He has been able to pick up a number of unworn items at significantly lower prices than at retail.

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Salford has a number of charity shops surrounding the shopping centre.

These stores provide customers with a range of discounted, second-hand items including furniture and clothes. Charity shops are desperately important as they are able to give back to the community.

Choosing resale over retail combats fast fashion and gives unwanted pieces a second home.



There are many other ways that people can thrift, with the creation of apps like Depop and gumtree.

Which encourages individuals to buy and trade items online, which with its simplicity my poll suggested people would rather do.

Credited Melissa Maxfield

Kilo sales are also a huge part of thrifting, companies like Preloved Kilo. tour around the country putting on thrift sales at £15 per kilo of clothing.

Georgian from Preloved said the items are “handpicked by the director who travels each month to various suppliers who let him pick & choose the exact items he wants” this way customers are receiving the very best product.

Thrifting is an overlooked form of shopping – but in Salford, bargain hunters are spoilt for choice.

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