After years of hard work for many, university is coming to an end in the confines of their own home. 

With no big blow out or graduation party, Salford students reflect on submitting their last assignments in lock-down.

Samuel Fonseca, 21, has just finished the final year of his Media Production course at Salford University.

However, it was at his home in Matlock, Derbyshire, where he is isolating with his mother.

He said: “It would’ve been nice to go out and enjoy the summer, I was really looking forward to doing things, going to festivals, booking holidays, enjoying myself before I get into the real world of work.”

Despite this though, Fonseca did make the best of the situation celebrating with his mother after he completed his dissertation.

However, he clearly was hoping to end university on more exciting terms.

“We sat out in the garden in the sun and had sandwiches and tea and cake,” he said.

“It was alright I guess, you can’t do much in these times though can you?”

Sam and his mother making the best of a bad situation, celebrating Sam completing his dissertation.

Film student at The University of Salford, Stephen Harper, was not best pleased about being forced to finish his studies by attending lectures online as opposed to in person.

He said: “They’re pointless, they might as well have just sent the power-point.”

It is this frustrating response that really epitomises students’ opinion on ending their studies in such unprecedented times. At home, isolating, after three years of hard work.


Below, is the full interview with Samuel Fonseca:

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