Small public funded charity Antibiotic Research UK (Antruk) is working tirelessly to find new research and new medications to replace old antibiotics.

The overuse and misuse of antibiotics have led to many people building up antibiotic resistance which can lead to antibiotic resistant infections and is a particular worry during the pandemic.

The charity’s Salford-based spokesperson Peter Gibson said of antibiotic resistance: “The World Health Organisation (WHO) tell us that it is the biggest health crisis facing humankind.

“WHO think as many as 10 million people could die of this by 2050.”

Antruk offers patient support for people who have or are likely to get antibiotic resistant infections.

The support offered includes online information and a phone line for people to talk about their illness confidentially.

The phone lines are manned by professionals such as staff within the NHS and people with scientific research backgrounds.

Mr Gibson’s role has been to publicise the new scheme.

He said: “It gives people someone to talk to, it demystifies the whole thing.

“One thing great about the programme is it makes it human. You hear the story from the persons themselves first hand, it really does make you more aware.”

Lisa from Salford, for example, has had a lifetime of lung complaints and has to take a lot of antibiotics.

Lisa a Salford resident has spoken out about her worries on the issue of antibiotic resistance. Copyright : Peter Gibson

Mr Gibson explains: “Lisa is very worried sometimes because these medications just haven’t worked for her,

“She is very worried she could become resistant to it, she had pneumonia a short while ago if she was to get that again,

“Or indeed to get Covid-19 for example that could serious trouble for Lisa.”

The new scheme has had a positive impact on the individuals involved but Mr Gibson wants to do more.

He said: “We need a proper network of information for people really, so they know what’s happening to them, how it will develop and how you can solve it. Society knows we need this so now it takes everyone to get behind it a bit more.”

Fundraiser Hannah recently completed the 2.6 challenge for the charity as she was unable to do the London Marathon.

Fundraiser Hannah. Copyright : Peter Gibson

Mr Gibson added: “My appeal is to certainly all the students in Salford to try and learn a bit more about antibiotic resistance because I think its going to be a really big issue for your generation.”

For further information about patient support please contact the patient support team on:

Telephone: 07367 784114


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