The fitness landscape has changed dramatically due to Covid-19, it will be a while until personal trainers can engage face-to-face fitness sessions with their clients but that shouldn’t stop most people from going to the gym.

It is hard to get access of ‘gym-level’ equipment due to the high demand because of gym closures.

But if you’re a gym addict then you’ll find a way, even simple objects at home can come useful.

Will Owens, a Salford resident working as a personal trainer at Pure Gym Market street, gave us first hand opinion on how personal trainers were affected by Covid-19.

“I believe you can’t look after other people if you can’t look after yourself, so I was more focused on myself than my surroundings” Will said.

Many personal trainers will be spending more time on their client’s issues and forget that they are battling the same thing.

Will who has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, has been planning on opening his own gym in Salford to help his community and better peoples life.

“I was planning on opening my own gym but then Covid-19 arrived and it has shifted my mind and goals to other issues now”

Will talks about how his future plans remain the same but he is now more motivated to actually achieving them.

Will has spent over 10 years of his life helping better people’s life and his background has not been very smooth.

Will talked about how hard he found it trying to start up as a personal trainer and the obstacles that came his way.

Covid-19 has caused some major issues globally but Will took this opportunity to better his life and help others by giving free sessions to beginners and help coach people online.

Will added “I want to help people recover smoothly from Covid-19 because I know it has caused some major issues for individuals who lack with staying health.”

Dawan Hassan, a member of Pure Gym on Bury New Road, tell us “I found it extremely hard trying to stay motivated with working out”

To be very honest with you I struggle with staying focused with a strict diet and not having my personal trainer has resulted in major weight increase.”

Mr Hassan added: “I bought some weights from Facebook Market but the motivation of working out died after a few week”

“So I was back with eating loads of snacks and not working out for weeks.”

Will is happy that gyms have reopened and that the government has given them the green light but he believes it wasn’t the right time.

Will said: the gyms have opened up way too early and I think the government should’ve not made this decision”.

Personal trainers are not as excited as gym members because they believe the safety of their clients come before anything else.

Listen to the interview to hear what more Will had to say about the arriving and closure of gyms.

While many people had started to get the hang of virtual coaching during the lockdown, some people couldn’t wait to escape and resume their normal routines.

Pure Gym supported every PT working for them during this hard time and gave them full support and now have them back on their normal routines.

Will said that “within the aspect of fitness, government did not offer the full support needed and opened pubs and bars before gyms”.

Pure Gym Market Street was nominated as the best and cleanest gym in Manchester and take their hygiene very seriously.

Will stated ‘we take our hygiene very seriously and hope the second wave of COVID-19 doesn’t affect us”.

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