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Salford has had 1,618 confirmed cases of coronavirus, an increase of TWENTY FOUR.

The data was released today by the Department for Health and Social Care in partnership with the Office for National Statistics.

The current number of cases in each region is as follows:

SALFORD: 1,618, an increase of TWENTY FOUR

BURY: 1,446, an increase of TWENTY FOUR

BOLTON: 2,144, an increase of TWENTY FIVE

ROCHDALE: 2,048, an increase of TWENTY EIGHT

OLDHAM: 2,567, an increase of SIXTY NINE

TAMESIDE: 1,768, an increase of TWENTY ONE

STOCKPORT: 1,891, an increase of TWENTY TWO

MANCHESTER: 3,720, an increase of NINETY THREE

TRAFFORD : 1,544, an increase of SIXTEEN

WIGAN: 2,238, an increase of THIRTEEN

The DfHSC have been using this website to keep the public updated.

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  1. Covid 19 is on the rise again due to the gross ineptitude of the vile loathsome cretinous tory government

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