Cheapest pint in Salford

Fancy a cheap night? Don’t worry, the work has already been done to ensure you know where to go for the cheapest pint in Salford.

Whether you’re an ale enthusiast, or a lager lover, we’ve got you covered.

After visiting numerous pubs within 2.5 miles of Salford centre, we discovered a range of prices of a standard pint in our city.

Joseph Holt pubs seem to follow a fixed price of £2.70 for their own bitter, Black.

Joseph Holt Pub, Salford. Photo Credit: Jessie Sale

With a total of eight of these Joseph Holt pubs in Salford, it shouldn’t be hard to have a few pints for under a tenner.

Whereas, if you fancy a more expensive evening, it would be a good idea to set off to the Quays, where you would find a £4.10 Carling at The Beefeater, or The Dockyard – where their cheapest pint is a £3.75 Bootleg Pale Ale.

Graph by Jessie Sale

As the graph shows, The Royal Sovereign serves the cheapest pint that we found in Salford, at just £2.39 for a Carlsberg lager.

Jacob Battersby, the pub’s manager, expressed his surprise at the survey’s findings, but attributed the Royal Sovereign’s popularity to several factors.

“It’s more the atmosphere, the football – we are a United pub – but I don’t think the prices have a major impact on why people come here.”

Carlsberg Lager at Royal Sovereign. Photo Credit: Jessie Sale

Dean Scobbie, a bartender at The Rovers Return, said: “I’ve heard it’s cheap-ish at The Sovereign, but it’s quite far out towards Eccles, so I think most people prefer to drink in the locals regardless of the price.”

Heading in the Manchester direction, The Rovers Return on Chapel Street, with its famous name, charges just £2.80 for their Bray Ale, and £3.10 a Pilsner; considerably cheap for either beverage.

The Old Pint Pot on Adelphi Street, which remains popular with Salford students, has become an averaged price establishment after abolishing their discount card this term.

The Old Pint Pot, Salford
Photo Credit: Jessie Sale

Today, Fosters is £3.10, compared with the low, (and would have been Salford’s lowest), price of £2 in the 2019/20 academic year (with the £5 discount card).

Carl Grayson, Landlord of The Union Tavern, Salford, said Covid-19 has had an impact on the night-time economy: “My life is very difficult at the moment being a Landlord, and unfortunately our government will continue to make it hard for me.”

The cheapest pint at our favourite lively pub, The Eagle Inn, is £3.60, but the pub offers a great music and drinking environment.

Have you found a cheaper pint in Salford than we did? Let us know below.

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