The new boss of St Ann’s Hospice, partly based in Little Hulton, says she is excited to join the organisation at a time of considerable change.

Rachel McMillan has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of the hospice as the care sector grapples with the challenges posed by Covid-19.

“This period has really highlighted what amazing people have working at the hospice,” she said.

“Our teams have been working on the front line to ensure we can continue providing care for patients and their families, despite the pandemic.”

“People often wonder why people choose to work in hospice care, as they say hospices are sad places, but that’s just not true.”

She added: “I love my job, and see first hand the difference the care we provide makes to our patients and their loved ones. We treat every patient as an individual, and are led by them and their needs.”

She added that there are development plans at all three St Ann’s sites.

“We’re also looking to further improve our hospice sites in the near future making developments. This will include the Little Hulton site.“

“I’m excited for the challenges ahead, and the opportunities they bring too. It’s certainly not going to be a dull few years for St Ann’s.”

When she’s not working, Rachel enjoys her free time.

“I love my family and spending time with them is my favourite thing to do outside of work – that and shopping!”

As Chief Executive Rachel is responsible for leading the team at St Ann’s across their three sites.

The sites are in Heald Green, The Neil Cliffe Centre and the local site is in Little Hulton.

Starting her career as a nurse at Withington Hospital, Rachel has gone on to work in a variety of roles in The Christie Hospital NHS Trust.



The roles include: a Staff Nurse, a Senior Staff Nurse, Ward Manager and Senior Nurse/Modern Matron.

She also worked at Marie Curie Cancer Care as a Nursing Services Manager.

In 2012 Rachel joined the St Ann’s team as Director of Clinical Services.

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